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Wed Heads

As Non and Harrison awaited their marriage based immigration interview date, they realized "Wow, our marriage is full of fun facts that everyone else should know! We should quiz people on our personal lives!" 

So here we are. 

Watch comedians battle the husband, the best man, and the roommate for stage time in this highly narcissistic game show/stand up show hybrid! 
Who will get the most time? 😍
Who will get very little time? 😭
Who will have to riff about Non for their entire set? 😲
WHO WILL HAVE FUN? (Hint: you and probably Non) 

Hosted by Non Kuramoto and Harrison Herreman

Best Man: Steve Maloy
Roommate: Anthony Passaretti

Jessica Clayton
Usama Siddiquee
Victoria Hoffman
Mia Faith Hammond

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