Making Funny, Making Art. Mostly on a Stage. Often with Words.


Photography // Performance Art // Theatrical Design


Alternate Self Portraits
Model: Non Kuramoto

What is the line between "normal" and "absurd" ways bodies can interact with its environment? When I put on a pink Morphsuit, which a lot of people find visually alarming to begin with, and explore my relationship to space, do I still exist as "Non Kuramoto"? Or do I simply become a conceptual body?  

Twelfth Night
Models: Hayley Cashman, Matthew Price, Helena Barth, Noah Pilchen, Non Kuramoto, Juliette Paige, Kacey Watson, Michael O'Connell

Concept photos I took of a production of Twelfth Night that I designed

Candy Store for XDress by BodyAware
Models: Matthew Price, Zack McCabe

Commedia Dell'Arte for The Avenue
Models: Hanne Larsen, Claire Moorer, Matthew Hosking

In this weird time, weird world, I think we need more theatre and more comedy to keep us all sane.

Rebel, Rebel for The Avenue
Models: Nicole Erickson, Dorcas T. Zete

Bad ass ladies, partying it up

Target Colors
Models: Ben Lebofsky, Nicholas Polk, Gavin Harris, Luke Heeringa

I never feel like a real person at Target. 

Aliens vs Predators
Dir. David Gammons
Northeastern University

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
Dir. Scott Edmiston
Northeastern University

New York City Wine and Food Festival

Sponsorship photos from when I was a production intern at NYCWFF

Art Director
Photographer: Anita Lee
Model: Kaka Kailin

Inspired by King Lear. 

Performance Art

Performed with Kim Mecca, featuring “Cheese Plz” By Font Drama (Miss Eaves, Clara Bizna$$)

Performed with Kim Mecca, featuring "My Neck, My Back" by Khia

Shit Show
Performed with Kim Mecca, featuring "One Day More" from Les Miserables

Theatrical Design

The Exception and the Rule
Northeastern University Theatre Department
Costume and Scenic Design
Dir. Pablo Hernandez Basulto

The Tempest
Northeastern Shakespeare Society
Costume, Scenic, Puppet Design and Build
Dir. Noah Pilchen
Photos by Non Kuramoto

Twelfth Night or What you Will
Northeastern Shakespeare Society
Costume Design
Dir. Connor O'Brien
Photos by Non Kuramoto

Much Ado About Nothing
Northeastern Shakespeare Society
Scenic Build
Dir. Noah Pilchen
Photos by Nicholas Polk

A Midsummer Night's Dream
Northeastern Shakespeare Society
Costume Design
Dir. Noah Pilchen
Photos by Chloe Reshetar-Jost

Logo and Poster
Northeastern Shakespeare Society
Art Direction / Graphic Design
When we, as Northeastern Shakespeare Society, were trying to rebrand Shakespeare to appeal to a college-aged audience, I created this identity that stood out from the other theatre clubs' promotional material, and would look good on social media. I also made Snapchat Geofilters for our performances